Marrakech is more than another continent away, it’s another world

Just three and a quarter hours flight from the UK, Marrakech is more than another continent away, it’s another world. Newcomers are almost overwhelmed by the sights, smells and sounds with its minarets, adobe walls, winding alleys, labyrinthine souks, the aromas of food, herbs and perfumes and street music. Marrakech captures the imagination like no other city. You will spend at least 2 nights here.


You can explore the exquisite architecture, meander through the medina (main square), smell spices in the air, haggle over carpets in the souks (markets), take a ride in a calèche (horse drawn carriage) to the exquisite jardin Majorelle or relax in a hammam (spa). As dusk falls, sip sweet mint tea at one of the rooftop cafes around the Djeema el Fna, watch the snake charmers and performers appear in the square, as the cacophony grows around you.

In the morning you can often see the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains as a backdrop, and framed by the red desert, Marrakech is a city that time seems to have forgotten.


You can stay where you wish in Marrakech. Richard and Mohamed know many Hotel and Riad owners and can advise you on something to suit your preferences. All accommodation in Marrakech is extremely central. Personally Richard stays in the budget hotel right next to the Medina (main square).

There are numerous Riads. A Riad is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard. Alternatively there are western style hotels in the new town.

The Weather

Take a look at March and September, a comfortable temperature in both months. June, July & August become almost unbearable for exercise. September has on average 4 days of rain and March around 7 with the precipitation tending to be snow at altitude.